The world of hydraulics is fundamental to many sectors of our lives: from construction to services, from freight management to waste management, material handling and rescue.

All of these areas are crucial to our lives and have in common the need for vehicles and equipment operating in challenging working environments.

Performance, at the same time, is key, as it is imperative that the vehicle does not break down.

It is therefore becoming increasingly important to focus on the cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid, which is the carrier of the system’s energy and operations.

It is frequently considered the oil viscosity index to make the best choice to ensure correct operation and the lowest possible wear of the application elements.

At the same time, the ordinary use of the application can generate particles which, if not filtered, return to the tank and then back into the circuit.

Finally, dust, which is present in many working environments, is a potentially very harmful element, especially if it is aspirated during the oil flow compensation phases during application work.

In all these situations, we are dealing with microscopic particles, but they can make a difference to the wear rate of the system. Therefore, it becomes more and more essential to focus on oil filtration and cleaning.

For years Padoan has particularly taken this aspect to its attention and has focused first of all on the internal cleaning of the tank during manufacturing process thanks to robotic welding technology that avoids the frequent chips and metal scraps that are very often detected inside the tanks.

From the very first operation of the application, these residues are released back into circulation, damaging the system.

In addition to the internal cleaning in the production process, Padoan has for years focused on the next step, the filtration of the return oil.

Thanks to the collaboration with important partners, Padoan has developed a specific range of return oil filters suitable for its tanks and for many applications, adapting to the characteristic Padoan flanges..

Several types and models are available in the standard catalogue, including microfiber and wire mesh cartridges, from 10 to 60 microns (26 to 79 gpm).

Special attention is also paid to the cartridge inside the filler cap, fulfilling the function of air breather (metal or plastic caps), filtering and compensating the inlet/outlet flow of hydraulic oil in the different phases of use of the application.

Space is an increasingly crucial element in the vehicle, and for this reason Padoan includes in its range not only the semi-immersed filters, but also the original Easy Filter (immersed filter with a 360° rotating head and a height of only 1.6 inches) and Easy Kit (immersed filter with a valve plate designed to fit the hydraulic valve required by the user).

Both these filters have a specific design that allows to optimize the space available in the chassis.

Padoan strongly believes in the tank-filter binomial, providing complete solutions to protect the valuable systems mounted on vehicles and preserve the daily work of tens of thousands of operators in over 50 countries worldwide.

Contact us or our distributors in US and Canada to find the best solution for your vehicle, your fleet or your application.