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Tank Tribe

Are you proud of your daily work
and feel that you speak the same language as we do?

With #TankTribe we want to promote your working experience. You are the main actor, engaged every day in the field and you can count on a Padoan tank at your side. Through your pictures you become part of the "tank tribe". Pictures combine work and passion, quality and excellence of your vehicle and represent a success. We will use social media channels, web activities and events to give you visibility and to make #TankTribe bigger and bigger.

Send us your photo, become part of #TankTribe!



Do you want to be the part of the next Padoan calendar? Your vehicle and your passion could be one of the daily stories of work in 2022. The calendar, in fact, aims to highlight those who every day put their work at the service of different sectors, all over the world. You can be selected to make your membership of #TankTribe exclusive for an entire year. And, in addition to the calendar, your image will also be promoted through our social channels, making this experience even more unique.
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