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#ThankATrucker – The project

In these days all of us are focused on the challenging situation due to COVID-19.Doctors and health operators are our light in the dark, and we want to thank them for the efforts they make every day.

At the same time everyday there are other heroes who are fully committed in this challenging circumstances: the truckers.

We want to thank all of them for their spirit and for their passion which everyday allow to take goods and material to people and commercial/manufacturing companies.

We thought about a way to spotlight them, to underline their efforts.

We decided to keep our social profiles available to them, collecting their pictures with their truck and publishing them.

It is very simple, just send us a private message to our profiles or via mail at <a href=”mailto:info@padoan.it” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>info@padoan.it</a>.

To all of you we ask to share the project. It is just a simple sign, but meaningful.

Thank you


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