Among the keywords which characterize our products and philosophy, for sure cleanliness and tightness are on the podium.

Hydraulic applications are increasingly sophisticated and sensitive to polluting particles.That is the reason why we have been designing and manufacturing our tanks/reservoirs for years, with the aim to ensure the best performance of internal cleanliness.

We start from the shape of the sidewalls: their square distinctive design ensures the largest capacity possible, according to the tank’s overall dimensions, while the rounded corners avoid the accumulation of pollution particles.

We also provide several filtration solutions to maximize the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil against scraps potentially due to the equipment’s work.

Tightness is considered a pride of Padoan thanks to several production processes and tests which are parts of our vision.
We start from premium quality raw material that ensures an extremely high-performance during bending and welding processes as well as a long-lasting quality.

The MIG/MAG robotized technology guarantees a premium welding merging resistance and finishing.

Last but not least at the end of the production process every tank is tested on the high-tech tightness station where a sensor checks the hermetic seal against microscopic losses.
Before packaging, every Padoan tank / reservoir is marked by the “QC” label which indicates that it has passed all the quality tests.

To complete the tank traceability, a label with its own identification number is applied as a personal ID card.

With Padoan tanks / reservoirs you can face any working condition.

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