Fleet management has always been a challenge for market players.

While the maintenance of freight trucks is expensive, the maintenance of vehicles equipped with hydraulic applications is also increasing.

Various pieces of work truck equipment, including roll-offs, dump trucks, tippers, hook loaders, spreaders, cranes, vacuums and snowplows, just as an example, must be managed with care and on a tight schedule.

Lack of maintenance means higher maintenance cost.

Two factors are considered crucial in this scenario: equipment quality and filtration.

At the core, we know that the tank/reservoir itself, with its design and production quality, is the first brick in creating efficiency.

This topic is a point of reference for Padoan.

The squared shape has been studied for the efficiency of the hydraulic fluid in terms of turbulence and cooling: better stabilization means to avoid soiling the air breather cartridge positioned on top of the tank.

At the same time, our design is based on rounded corners instead of sharp ones. This solution avoids the deposit of impurities which is dangerous for the correct functioning of the hydraulic application.

Eventual micro particles, in fact, are kept diluted in the fluid thanks to the radius of the corners.

These are therefore the reasons for the design of the sidewalls of Padoan tanks.


Filtration is the second key factor for efficient fleet management.

The North American market is increasingly moving a step towards immersed and semi-immersed return filters, with a very easy installation in the tank. The main reason is that this solution reduces hoses, connections, time required for installation and maintenance, and, ultimately, the risk of leakages.

In addition, semi-immersed return filter cartridges are more cost-effective than traditional in-line (spin-on) solutions, as well as the material to be disposed of is significantly reduced.


The wide range of filtration solutions provided by Padoan is focused on this matter: easy maintenance, lower costs, outstanding efficiency.

Find out more about the opportunities for fleet management also thanks to our wide range of accessories, fittings and consumables.

More than 80 years of experience brings you exceptional quality, efficient design and long-term durability for a variety of professional applications – almost the most demanding.

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