Just a few days to Work Truck Week 2024 in Indianapolis. From March 5-8, Padoan will be at the Indiana Convention Center with its technical and sales staff.

Padoan’s historic participation since 2018 will be emphasized by important technical innovations dedicated to Class 3-8 work vehicles.

The focal point is, precisely, the engineering side: each tank included in the North American catalog has been developed according to the specifications of manufacturers and partners.

This means proposing solutions that have full consistency with the requirements and habits of American and Canadian users (NPT connections, metal caps, suction and specific level indicators).

At the same time, Padoan, active since 1937, assures the market of its innovative vision.

This involves both design (square profile with rounded corners) and production processes that are mostly automated even at the quality check stage.

This makes it possible to optimize the performance of applications such as cranes, roll off loaders, vacuum cleaners, lifting platforms, snowplows, and many others.

Booth #5227 will also feature an innovation in terms of rear tank mounting on the chassis, as well as TLINE 85/18, the hydraulic tank with a depth of only 7.1 inches.

This solution is particularly dedicated to electric or alternative propulsion vehicles (hydrogen just as example) compared to diesel, which often have all chassis space occupied by tanks or battery packs.

The mounting kit dampens vibrations and fits behind the cab, including the support plate for electrical and pneumatic connections.

When we talk about solutions, we also refer to all components and accessories among which we include filters.

In fact, Padoan offers semi-immersed filters and also solutions that combine the spin-on concept with sustainability by the opportunity to replace the cartridge only.

We look forward to seeing you at booth #5227 to introduce you to your next business partner in creating top quality vehicles and applications.

The tank is at the heart of the application and takes care of it: take your application to the next level.