What a great show! This is definitely the first feedback after Work Truck Week 2022.


Take a look at the 360° booth virtual tour!


After 2 years, we met with partners, customers and players in the work truck and commercial vehicle industry.
This show offered the opportunity to discuss the goals of OEMs and upfitters and to introduce several new innovations for the North American market.

The wide range of hydraulic oil tanks/reservoirs on display at booth #415 included solutions that cover the needs of the most compact applications up to heavy duty ones.

We started with our low-capacity 26/36 family (8 to 13 GAL in aluminum and primed steel available for saddlemount and upright mounting), followed by two of the most popular families in the market: the 50/64 (28 to 40 GAL) and the 63/70 (35 to 106 GAL).

The focus on rear-cab solutions has been emphasized by the 63/27 family (53 to 66 GAL) and the 64/50 (75 to 100 GAL with shock absorbing mounting kit).

In addition, the T20 tank has been very well appreciated by customers seeking efficiency by taking advantage of the specific design that allows easy installation/maintenance of the oil return filter cartridge.
These strengths come together in the design of the body and sidewall with a 20° angle.

Also on display at the U.S. show was the 63/70 combined tank/reservoir, a premiere for the market and praised for its upright mounting kit that allows the tank to be placed on the rear of the chassis to supply oil to the hydraulic application as well as diesel for service or for self-standing machinery.
The solution on display has a capacity of 53GAL of oil and an equal volume of diesel.
Obviously, even in this case, multiple capacities are available.

Among the accessories that always arouse interest, the Easy kit and the Easy Filter filtering solutions, have recorded new important requests.
When targets such as reduced installation/maintenance time, performance and savings are required, Padoan offers effective and efficient solutions.

Easy Kit is the semi-immersed return filter that merges this functionality with the opportunity to position the tipping valve directly on the tank thanks to the aluminium plate with the holes layout designed according to the customer’s requirements.

Easy Filter merges filtration with the possibility to rotate 360° the filter head (which has a minimum height of 41 mm / 1.6″) . This technical advantage allows for easy tank installation and effective pipe connection without the use of multiple fittings and without creating damaging pipe angles.

The dual mounting kit has also been popular: how can you make your warehouse more efficient by providing your customers or production with a tank that can be saddle-mounted or upright?
The dual mounting kit answers this question for a wide range of tanks that can be installed in either position simply by changing the mounting kit.
More space available in your warehouse, a turnkey solution that is always available on time.

Last but not least, among the news, the brand new video for North America has been released, and you can watch it on our YouTube channel or by clicking on the video screen inside the 360° booth tour (below).

Here are the popular applications served by Padoan’s solutions: dumper, crane, roll-off, hooklift, loader, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, snow plow, tanker, compactor, prime mover, lifting platform and power unit, among the others.

You did not have the opportunity to meet us in Indianapolis? No worries, our team is always at your disposal with technical consultants in the United States and Canada, and our solutions can be promptly delivered to you.

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